Conventional Loan

Banc Services Group is equipped with the latest in industry technology which allows us to streamline the process of a closing a conventional loan in Tennessee. Through advances in automated underwriting, we are able to pre-approve most of our conventional loan clients within hours of receiving an application. Upon obtaining an approval, we will issue a commitment that will remain valid throughout the home-buying process. This means that if your client is planning for new construction or simply needs more time to locate the perfect home, you can rest assure that their loan will be ready when they are.

We maintain relationships with multiple conforming investors that underwrite both Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac conventional loan programs. This helps insure that your client will have access to all available programs instead of being limited to one form of underwriting. Along with offering 100% of the conforming loan programs available in today’s market, we utilize wholesale pricing for conventional loans in Tennessee. This means that we are able to offer interest rates that are often times below the market average. Additionally, we can offer extended locks at reduced costs.

Although we strive to be leaders in pricing, our primary focus is on customer service. We realize that our agents and their clients have a wide range of mortgage companies from which to choose. That is why we make every effort to provide our agents and borrowers with exemplary service and the best conventional loan products in the State of Tennessee. We go the extra mile by making ourselves available 7 days a week to take applications, underwrite conventional loan approvals and issue commitment letters. We work to help educate our partner agents and their clients about the lending process by adhering to an “Open Book” policy. This means we welcome the opportunity to share detailed information regarding our industry and about the inner workings of the underwriting process.